About Us


Everything began with the spread of civilization.
The ways are long. The time is narrow (it is a long way to go in a narrow time).
The invention of the wheel has shortened the distances. Thanks to technology, past centuries have made the distance close and the hard easy
Today, technology is advancing at a high speed. Since the quarter of this century, ANKA has been progressing confidently to the place where it deserves in the automotive industry. We are the first and only company manufacturing driveshaft system conducting engine’s power, which is the heart of vehicles, to the wheels in the most effective way. With its experience and R&D, ANKA has become a global partner from Anatolia to World Automotive Industry.
ANKA continues production with an ever-increasing range of products and manufacturing in Konya Organized Industrial Area. With machinery park in accordance with evolving technology, measuring equipment, R&D and quality control laboratories, ANKA has become an exemplary institution. Developments in technology and automotive sector is monitored with expert staff.

ANKA KALIP VE ÜRETİM SANAYİ A.Ş is the one and only driveshaft producer in TURKEY. ANKA that produces driveshafts at the original standard has reached a wide variety of sale points in the world. Compared to non-standard drive shafts, our products are 3 times durable. ANKA’s driveshaft shortens the distance economical and safe, and it brings loved ones together.
ANKA is happy to give positive growth and add value to its environment, customers and country. With entrepreneurial, dynamic, competent staff and a customer-oriented approach, ANKA carries on the journey to the lofty place.
Today, there is a lasting and powerful Anka which keeps running to the future with the motto “creating resources for everlasting improvement”.